Street photography with the Fuji X-E2 in Omaha

If you follow my social media accounts, it’s no secret I’m in love. Fuji has changed how I think about photography and has made it fun for me again. I actually shoot for myself again instead of just on jobs. The shot above was done by balancing a speedlight in low hanging tree branches and facing it at the subjects head on. I then moved to their left and shot until they started ignoring the flash. It was set to 1/1 power so I could overpower the fading daylight and get the drama I wanted

I met a great drum line and they let me shoot as much as I wanted as close as I wanted because I took this portrait for them and printed it on the spot with the Fuji Instax SP-1.

When I wasn't using a speedlight to light the scenes, I used this powerful and adjustable LED flashlight to fill my shots. It's how I accomplished the shot below.

I approached Ken (pictured below) as he was closing his smoke shop. There was no way I was letting him get away without doing his portrait. He was a good sport. I didn't want to take any more of his time than necessary so I took it with only the lights hanging over the counter

The shot above was taken with the cell phone as a remote for the camera. I set the self timer for 2 seconds and dropped the phone in my pocket as soon as I started the timer. It took a few tries to get something I was OK with, but I like it enough that it's now my profile pic on Facebook.

The picture below was taken in shadow with the speedlight resting on a trash can and acting as a fill light from just out of frame