Iron Council | Gathering 01

It was the day before fathers day, and we only gave a week's notice. One person who planned to come was injured at work earlier in the week, and one person who wanted to come got scheduled to work during the hike. Two people who had commited to come had an obstacle race earlier in the day. After the race they were just too spent to make the hike.

It's not a knock on anyone, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was a little bummed. When Tim arrived his first words were, "Where is everyone at?" Ryan, Jason and I were going to be it. They actually ran the adventure race the others had done earlier in the day too. So kudos to them for still showing up!

There was no reason to stand around the parking lot, so we set out from the trail-head right away. The blue trail turns uphill immediately and doesn't relent for a few 1/10ths of a mile. It's steep (by Alabama standards) and gets your heart rate climbing too. The first mile+ of the trail has elevation that comes in steep bursts.

It's not a hard trail, but a long slow burn is more my preference. 


We made really good time even for half the crew being worked from the race earlier. I've never taken anyone from Birmingham up to Kings Chair and had them be disappointed with the view. It's usually the exact opposite. They have a hard time believing that the view is right in their proverbial back yard. It was no different on this occasion.

2018-07-02 11.34.07 3.jpg

It was hard to leave that close to sunset and not get to see it from the lookout but it was still a beautiful day and a successful outing. Looking forward to next time!