Baba Java Packaging

Client: Baba Java Coffee

Project: Logo Cleanup and Label Design

Baba Java is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe that takes pride in building direct relationships with their coffee farmers. In addition to excellent coffee, this provides end-to-end care that benefits everyone involved, from the farmer to consumer.

Baba Java has made education a key part of their business. They teach customers about their coffee origins, roasting, and flavor profiles that make each of their coffees unique.

When Baba Java launched their roasting business and cafe, they created unique label designs for each coffee origin they roasted and sold. Shortly after, they started to notice some issues when managing label inventory and displaying products in stores. While there were some design elements they wanted to preserve -- such as bright colors and information about tasting notes and origins -- they wanted a fresh and engaging perspective on a label redesign and a brand “pick-me-up.” This is where our team at Electromagnetic Marketing stepped in. 

We started with some minor changes Baba Java logo to give it a cleaner, more defined look. This one of a kind coffee needed to look as high-quality as it tasted. Afterward, we worked with the client to create brand standards and update their coffee label designs. 

As a result of the new labels, these coffees were seeing increased attention and sales within no time. These new designs are helping Baba Java connect with the coffee aficionados that are a key part of their market and are educating new consumers who are developing taste for the finest coffee in Alabama.