Chorus Brand Design

Client: Chorus

Project: Branding & Design

Chorus SmartSecure didn't have a name for its first 6 months. I worked with the owners to create a name and strategy for the brand before the public launch. The President (and part owner) of the company is a big music lover. He approached me with the idea of naming the company "Chorus" which I loved. I immediately started thinking of ways to use musical terms as a marketing tool. As a security, smart home, and high end entertainment system provider, the possibilities were endless. "Everyone should feel Safe & Sound in their home." "When everything in your home works together in perfect harmony, it's music to our ears." As I started presenting these ideas the owner latched on and came up with the company tagline.

"We bring harmony to life."

I love those kind of moments in the creative process. When multiple people are feeding off each other to create great work, it's something that's hard to beat!


There are a lot of established security companies, and even more start up security companies. When I started looking at the branding strategies there was a great deal of similarity in a lot of the logos, colors, and design strategies. There were endless primary blues and reds. Bold fonts with hard corners. I get the design psychology that lead these brands down that path, but I really love to zig when everyone else zags.

Chorus is more than a security company. It's a technology company. Who do people think of when they think of cutting edge tech? They think about younger generations. I wanted the design for Chorus to fully embrace that.


I chose fonts that were thin-medium and rounded. They are friendly and "smart" without the attitude of a bolder, more squared off font. The colors were also chosen to create a more personable brand. They needed to be completely in line with the use of phrase like "We bring harmony to life." We wanted to have a graphical secondary mark that visually represented the company. I chose to create a simple lock with a wifi symbol which worked perfectly as athe replacement for the "o" in Chorus.


I designed the uniform around a casual untucked shirt in the bright teal that we wanted to use for the main brand color. I thought a look that was professional without being "stuffy" was more inviting, youthful, and modern. I pitched the idea of building that youthful, tech savvy feel in everything they branded.


I wrote a lot of messaging and possible product and security package names around musical terms. I presented ideas like calling a base package the "Melody", and a slightly more complex system the "Duet". The top of the line system could be called the "Symphony". Outside of product names, there were even more ways to build the company voice around those terms. The headline of the website currently uses one of those lines.

"Are your most precious assets Safe & Sound?"


It is expensive to paint or wrap vehicles. But I felt the expense was completely justified in the strategy to build brand awareness. You can literally spot a Chorus vehicle from a mile away on the interstate. There just arern't other vehicles this color on the road. The color strategy is even more pronounced in a neighborhood. The vans are moving billboards that can't be missed.


I wanted to use the lock icon in as many creative ways as possible. One of those ways was designing envelopes that have to be "unlocked" as you open them. I find that people really enjoy thoughtful design elements like this. They understand when something is clever and when you do these small things over and over again it builds trust and causes more interaction with your marketing materials because people want to know what you're going to do next.


I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and end result of this branding project. It gives me joy every time I see that teal off in the distance when I am driving down the road. I'm really looking forward to seeing more continued growth for the gang at Chorus SmartSecure and I am honored they trusted me with their brand!