Waynes Billboard Campaign

Client: Waynes

Project: Billboard Refresh

Vendors: Lamar Outdoor Advertising

Waynes is in the top 30 largest pest control companies - an 8 billion dollar industry in the United States. Waynes ongoing billboard campaign has been an integral part of its quest to become a household name in the markets that it serves.

They partner with Lamar Outdoor Advertising to blanket their markets with billboards. Whether it's a monster sized interstate billboard, or smaller roadside board around town, it's hard to miss evocative 2 word phrases like "Pulverize Pests", "Lush Lawns", & "Mutilate Mosquitoes" in large grey letters. All the backgrounds match the pale yellow color of Waynes enormous fleet of trucks.


They asked me to refresh the billboard campaign to recapture people's attention without undoing the brand recognition the campaign had been building.


The First phase was to write new slogans. We added the new pest phrases - "Tackle Termites" and "Annihilate Ants". We stuck to all the original design elements for the 2 new boards while worked on another round of changes.


We planned for the next round of billboards to not only make a bigger splash, but to introduce the 2 smaller service lines - Landscaping and Home Services. We used the color of the service icons from print materials, website, and trucks as backgrounds. We only used these designs on digital billboard screens around town. Most people use digital billboards as an opportunity to create more complex designs and designs that are photo heavy. Because I strategically chose to use big, bold, solid fields of color, these billboards really grabbed peoples attention.  I found a way to keep the Waynes yellow in the design and retained the previous layout so even though these designs were "new", they remained consistent with the previous runs.

Phase Two Additions

Now that we had gotten fresh attention with the color blitz on digital screens, it was time to move back to the yellow backgrounds. Waynes sold it's Landscaping and Home Services divisions in early 2018 as it prepared to become part of the worlds largest pest company, Anticimex. This meant that the billboard campaign would focus on 2 services only - Pest and Lawn. In this phase of the billboard refresh we started adding elements around the, now classic, Waynes billboard design. This allowed me to highlight the Waynes superhero team members, and create a Lush Lawns billboard with a actual Lush Lawn!